Quoted – Could an Apple ‘iPad’ Make E-Readers Irrelevant? – Macnewsworld.com

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Quoted – Could an Apple ‘iPad’ Make E-Readers Irrelevant? –  Macnewsworld.com

Rumor has it Apple’s begun shopping a tablet computer — or “iPad,” as it’s been unofficially dubbed — to publishers. Would Apple’s entry into the e-book market spell doom for the Kindle, Nook and Daily Edition? Or is it more likely that an iPad might be a nice device for everything but books?

Rumors that Apple has been approaching major publishers about a content distribution deal suggest it is well-poised to make a disruptive play in the e-reader field, suggested Scott Testa, a professor of business at Cabrini College.

“I think Apple has the potential to do what they have with smartphones and music to the publishing industry,” Testa told MacNewsWorld.

One major hurdle could be standing in its way, if the rumor mills are right: The projected high cost of the Apple device could be a barrier to adoption for many enthusiastic consumers.

Unlike an iPhone, which can be had for as little as $99 up front, or a Kindle, with a base price of $259, the rumored iPad could involve an investment of $600 or more — and it could carry ongoing fees for data access, according to many reports.

“It goes from a great Christmas gift to a luxury item,” remarked Testa.


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