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Marketing to the Mommies

Marketers should approach mothers and women without children differently, says a Prospectiv “What Women Want” survey, which found that women with kids and women without have different reactions to various forms of online marketing.

Are mommy bloggers losing their influence? Marketing expert Scott Testa says that there is “no right or wrong answer.”

“If you look at samples, it costs less to a company to send them to a blogger than to a lot of mothers,” Testa, professor of business administration at Philadelphia-based Cabrini College. “The idea is to find out who these influential bloggers are and get information or samples to them and you can touch a market at a lower cost. It is cost-effective solution at getting the word out.”

Whether mommy bloggers are wielding less or more influence today than in the past is difficult to say, Testa adds, but there are still a few women who many moms still look to for product recommendations.

“In the blogging universe in general, some mommy bloggers hold considerable sway with their readership and to get them on your side is a very powerful thing,” he says. “Certain ones can influence new products launches and the effectiveness of new marketing campaigns, and there are some that can’t. It depends on the blogger herself and how big her audience is and how much sway she has with them.”

When it comes to marketing, Testa says he finds it “hard to believe” that reaching women with children versus women without would involve great differences in strategy, but agrees that some methods of online marketing would be more effective for some groups than for others.

“As for mommy blogging, the FCC is discussing whether to have mommy bloggers disclose how much compensation they are getting,” he explains. “When it comes to mommy blogging, that is an issue we may see come to a head in the next few months.”


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