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Quoted – Windows 7 and the Enterprise – ECommerce News

Windows 7 Likely to Get Chilly Reception at Enterprise Door

Microsoft has a higher mountain to climb to soften up enterprises on Windows 7 adoption that it did a few years ago. After the Vista train wreck, many are content to keep on getting by with Windows XP — at least, until their IT departments become convinced that the new OS will live up to its promise.

Unless they are high-tech firms themselves, companies tend to have conservative IT strategies, Philadelphia-based marketing Grow Your Business-Fast! Sign up for a FREE trial of Infusionsoft and double your sales in 12 months. consultant Scott Testa told the E-Commerce Times. “Usually, they like to wait a little while to make sure the kinks have been worked out — and then start adopting it.”

At the very least, he said, most companies will want to wait for the first service pack.

Microsoft suffered a black eye with the Vista rollout, he noted, which exacerbated those conservative tendencies.

Furthermore, “XP still fills the needs for most organizations,” said Testa.


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