Quoted – Motorola breakup expected, but when? – Medill Reports

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Motorola breakup expected, but when?

Analysts agree Motorola Inc. still needs to shed its iconic but unprofitable handset phone division, but whether the company will become leaner this year is uncertain.

“When you have such a small market share you need to have something unbelievably hot,” said Scott Testa, a professor at Cabrini College in Philadelphia and an expert on the wireless industry. “A lot of other manufacturers are coming out with Android phones. That’s not going to take them to the Promised Land.”


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Quoted – Nortel closes up shop – E-Commerce News

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Nortel is selling off its valuable wireless units to Nokia Siemens as it dismantles its bankrupt operations. Nortel was a high flyer during the dot-com boom days but was unable to weather the telecom industry tailspin. The global recession was the final straw for the beleaguered company.

The fact that Nortel found a buyer — and at this particular price point — is indeed noteworthy, Scott Testa, a professor of marketing Grow Your Business-Fast! Sign up for a FREE trial of Infusionsoft and double your sales in 12 months. at St. Joseph’s University, told the E-Commerce Times.

“It is a crowded space right now that has been undergoing a severe consolidation for a while. So yes, the value is there, I would agree with that.”

Still, Testa couldn’t help but note “how low the mighty have fallen.”


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Quoted – Motorola in Tailspin ready for Android – Linux Insider

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Quoted – Motorola in Tailspin ready for Android – Linux Insider


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