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Hello Professor Testa,

I am Professor Ronnie Shaw, University of California Los Angeles African Studies M.A. alum and Executive Director of TheSankofa Center. Founded in 2004, We are an American 501(c)(3) arts-based HIV/AIDS education, prevention, testing, and treatment internship program working throughout the year in Ghana, West Africa under the National AIDS Control Programme.

We recently had University alumnae on our program that recommended we recruit Cabrini College students on our program, so we are reaching out to similarly interested individuals who’d like to be apart of our dynamic program given the wonderfully impacting exchange while promoting global change. Those with an academic interest in artistic expression– dance, drama, music & art, public health, global studies, social welfare, and medicine are encouraged to apply to our program.  We fuse artistic expression with health information and provide testing with links to treatment and anti-stigmatization programs using culturally appropriate educational methods- African dance dramas.

Can you please post or forward through email the attached Press Release to students and alumnae of Cabrini College and those interested in international study who may desire this unique artistic public health internship?

To learn more about our program in Ghana, West Africa please click on our website below:

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about our program!


Ronnie Shaw

UCLA African Studies M.A.

Executive Director


The Sankofa Center

714-589-5355 (U.S)

011-233-249-68-78-60 ( Ghana)


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Quoted – Motorola’s Super Bowl ad is the beginning of a targeted marketing push

New iPhone hand model
Image by mbrubeck via Flickr

The Super Bowl Sunday ad featuring actress Megan Fox is a part of Motorola Inc.’s new push to match its upcoming mobile device offerings to specific customers, company officials said.

Rather than seeking a single new blockbuster like its 2003 Razr to regain market share and profitability, Motorola is taking a different approach and is expected to release 20 Android-based devices this year, each intended to appeal to a different demographic or geographic market.

Scott Testa, a professor and wireless industry expert at Cabrini College in Philadelphia, said the company can’t reach profitability piecemeal, but rather needs a huge hit like Apple Inc.’s iPhone.

“It’s hard for a company with stodgy, not-so-stylish phones to change their image immediately. You have to have a really great product,” Testa said. “There’s so many different things out of Motorola’s hands. You really have to have close to a perfect storm: the third party apps, styling and price points.”

Testa downplayed the impact marketing may have for Motorola. Though Fox may pique the interest of young men, the Devour won’t sell if the product isn’t solid as well.

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Update on Hang in There Jack – Jack in the Box Campaign

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 24:  People walk past a...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Hi Dr. Testa – I know you’ve followed the “Hang in There Jack’ campaign, so wanted to share with you the latest news from Jack in the Box – as the company unveils the pay-off from its Super Bowl TV ad, which centers around several brand-reinvention initiatives. While many companies invested in Super Bowl ads, Jack in the Box continues to enjoy pay-off on the Super Bowl launch of its ‘Hang In There Jack’ campaign through social networking and online tactics that have gained an extensive fan following.

The Hang In There Jack campaign, which launched with Jack in the Box’s iconic founder – Jack – getting hit by a bus on Super Bowl Sunday, is coming to an end this week as Jack wakes from his coma and announces several brand re-invention programs, including a new logo and website.

While the campaign included traditional advertising, it was anchored online at and on Jack’s Facebook and Twitter pages. The campaign videos were viewed more than 4.3 million times, Jack received more than 77,000 get-well text and video wishes, and more than 67,000 fans and followers via website, Twitter and Facebook sign-ups.

While Jack in the Box is a regional quick-serve restaurant chain, its campaign has gained national reach for the brand, and its online presence now rivals some industry challengers.

I’ve included the full release below for your review.
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Map of Popular Super Bowl Words Used on Twitter – Interactive Graphic

The first Super Bowl was played in 1967, as co...
Image via Wikipedia

Twitter Chatter During the Super Bowl

As the Steelers and Cardinals battled on the field, Twitter users across the nation pecked out a steady stream of “tweets.” The map shows the location and frequency of commonly used words in Super Bowl related messages.

via Map of Popular Super Bowl Words Used on Twitter – Interactive Graphic

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Twittering Advertisers Keep Super Bowl Buzz Going

Garrison sports fans celebrate Super Bowl XLIII
Image by usag.yongsan via Flickr

Twittering Advertisers Keep Super Bowl Buzz Going

Twittering Advertisers Keep Super Bowl Buzz Going

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