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Can Apple’s tablet spark a textbook revolution?

Can the release of Apple’s eReader tablet do for textbooks what the iPod did for music: combine an online store for purchasing books with sleek hardware that holds every text a student needs?

That’s the question many educators are asking as anticipation of Apple’s new tablet mounts.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is widely expected to unveil his company’s eReader Jan. 27 in San Francisco, and industry insiders expect the product to have a large touch screen that is smaller than a laptop screen but larger than an iPhone.

Education technology advocates say students’ allegiance to Apple and the familiarity of buying music or applications from the company’s online store and downloading those purchases on an iPod or an iPhone could make the new Apple tablet an instant hit on campus.

“This is huge for electronic print,” said Scott Testa, a business professor at Cabrini College near Philadelphia who tracks campus technology trends. “Ten years from now, the idea of having a physical textbook is going to be very limited. … I really think just having the ecosystem in place for content delivery will be a very appealing aspect for consumers.”

In what technology analysts say is a response to the buzz about Apple’s tablet, Amazon recently announced that developers outside the company could begin making programs for the Kindle—the same way Apple officials encourage outside development of iPhone apps.

Testa said even if the Apple tablet is similar to the Kindle DX, college students could flock to the product simply because it sports the largely beloved Apple logo.

“I think from a marketing perspective, Apple is a spiritual brand,” he said. “Students will buy it based upon their prior experience with Apple. … That can’t be overstated.”

If Apple’s tablet propels the popularity of eBooks the way iPod did for online music, Testa expects illegal web sites for downloading textbooks to proliferate.

This would follow a pattern established with the rise of illegal music downloading sites on campuses to avoid the costs of the iTunes store, and it could create more headaches for university IT officials who have struggled to stop illegal downloading on campus.

“The Limewire of books is coming,” Testa said, referring to the popular illegal music site. “You can count on that.”


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Quoted – …Y Jobs creó Apple(… And Jobs created Apple) – Semana.com

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I was interviewed about Steve Jobs by Semana.com a Spanish web portal . . I dont know Spanish . . other then Dos cervezas por favor

“Jobs creó una marca que se ha convertido en un referente. Y lo hizo de la nada”, contó a esta publicación Scott Testa, profesor de negocios del Cabrini College en Pensilvania. Y como genio del marketing, ha sabido promocionar como nadie su imagen. “Un adicto a Coca-Cola no sabe quién es el presidente de la compañía. Con Apple sucede lo contrario: es la única marca que explota a fondo la figura mítica de su fundador. Se habla del culto Mac y sus clientes sienten una adhesión casi religiosa”, opina Álvaro Montes, columnista de tecnología de SEMANA.


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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think


Apple is in talks to acquire Twitter

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Steve Jobs is weird

Dear Steve Jobs:

You are weird. You are odd. You wear the same outfit all the time. (Although I have been accused of doing the same thing. Hey its not a stain it is a brown tie-dye.)

Yes you are wacky but you and and the merry men and women at Apple are marketing geniuses.

Just when I was trying to forget about you by watching “The Office” on network tv (I am so old school), you pop up in my consciousness by having your products placed predominately on “The Office.” 

I know all the stories of the Apple Public Relation gods who are masters at product placement.

Please I am tired of all that great marketing.  Please just leave my consciousness. .  I am tired of reading about you, hearing about you, talking about you, fighting over you. . 

When there were rumors whirling around the Internet that you were sick Apple stock went down precipitously.

I understand why.

Love Scott


Dear Apple lawyers I understand you take your job very seriously please understand that I mean this letter in only endearing terms this is in no way to be construed as slander just a bad case of hero worship.

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