Quoted – Twitter’s $100M Funding Coup Prompts ‘Bubble’ Buzz -ECommerce Times

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Quoted – Twitter‘s $100M Funding Coup Prompts ‘Bubble’ Buzz -ECommerce Times

Can a company that doesn’t have a revenue stream possibly be worth $10 billion? That’s the question that a group of investors are answering with an unequivocal “yes” in the form of $100 million in cold cash. There is skepticism over the wheeling and dealing, though, and more than a few flashes of dot-com deja vu.

After much speculation, Twitter CEO Evan Williams confirmed on the microblogging site’s own blog that it has closed a “significant” round of funding. Williams didn’t cite the dollar amount, but it has been widely reported that six investors are prepared to pump close to US$100 million into the company, giving it a $1 billion valuation.

An evaluation of $1 billion for Twitter might be too low, suggested Scott Testa, a business professor at Cabrini College, considering the site’s popularity and traffic, which comScore places at close to 60 million visitors a month.

“The pricing is justified, based on the latest round of financing closed by Facebook and other networking properties,” Testa argued.

Furthermore, this generation of tech investment is different from 10 years ago, because the funding comes from institutional sources.

“You don’t see the funny money being thrown around like we did in the 1990s,” noted Testa.


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QVC – Times they are a changing. . .

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QVC and other such companies that have profited from being so innovative need to change their business models and adapt to the changing times. QVC is a very big and profitable business that started out selling products, mainly, on TV. This was pretty unique but now with the internet and the soon-to-come M-Commerce, they aren’t as unique any more.
No one in our generation wants to wait to see the product they are looking for come on TV to purchase it. QVC may profit from our parents and grandparents but unless more advertising brings us to the attention of their website and new techniques, they may not make it. I did like to see that they have a Facebook and twitter page. These mechanisms help.
I think in the time to come QVC will find a way to be innovative in these times. They are a profitable business and well established as well. They found a way to succeed before I think something creative is brewing.

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think


Apple is in talks to acquire Twitter

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Are Your Salespeople Using Twitter?

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Are Your Salespeople Using Twitter


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Oprah does Twitter

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Oprah does Twitter


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