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My friend Bob Garrett at Garrett consulting has been doing some work in regards to Social Networking on some of my Social networking accounts. . the results have been amazing. . if you are business or individual who is looking to build your presence in this area you should definitely talk to him. .

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Quoted – ESchool News – Court rules against Blackboard in patent fight

Idol of Moloch or Canvas of Dissent?
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Court rules against Blackboard in patent fight
Learning management system giant ‘disappointed’ with appeals court ruling after lengthy legal battle with Desire2Learn

Scott Testa, a marketing professor at St. Joseph’s University who tracks education technology trends, said Blackboard’s aggressive approach to developing a reliable product and marketing among colleges and universities of every size has paid dividends. Securing patents, he said, is a key to beating out smaller competitors who market similar products.

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Quoted – Nortel closes up shop – E-Commerce News

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Nortel is selling off its valuable wireless units to Nokia Siemens as it dismantles its bankrupt operations. Nortel was a high flyer during the dot-com boom days but was unable to weather the telecom industry tailspin. The global recession was the final straw for the beleaguered company.

The fact that Nortel found a buyer — and at this particular price point — is indeed noteworthy, Scott Testa, a professor of marketing Grow Your Business-Fast! Sign up for a FREE trial of Infusionsoft and double your sales in 12 months. at St. Joseph’s University, told the E-Commerce Times.

“It is a crowded space right now that has been undergoing a severe consolidation for a while. So yes, the value is there, I would agree with that.”

Still, Testa couldn’t help but note “how low the mighty have fallen.”

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How Social Networking Can Change The World

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The power of  Social Networking and how it can change the world.

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Stop bashing social networks

Stop bashing social networks

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