Help Wanted – WordPress and Marketing Intern

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I have a project that I am looking for both a WordPress Developer and a Marketing Intern.

If you have any questions or are interested email me at

Thanks Scott

Making sure Search Engines can Recognize your Blog or Website

Search engines have the ability to drive a lot of traffic to your Blog or Website. Normally, if you’re going to get high levels of traffic it’s very important that the search engines can access all the information on them.
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Increasing traffic to your Website or Blog with Linkedin

LinkedIn’s popularity and relevance as a social networking site has increased dramatically since its inception. The site provides a great way to network with other professionals, and is a great resource to form and enhance business relationships. However, few people realize that there is an SEO benefit to LinkedIn as well. In the SEO world, keyword text links are king. Below are instructions for how to adjust your LinkedIn profile to include three text links with keyword rich anchor text (good for SEO) pointing back to your website. Once you login, it will only take a minute of your time.

To get started you first need to assemble a list of three URL’s and three keywords you would like to optimize for. For our example we will use our client Gould Cooksey Fennell, a law firm in Vero Beach Florida. Here is our list:

Keyphrase URL

Vero Beach Lawyer

Vero Beach Attorney

Vero Beach Corporate Law

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