Wanted Students looking for Sales Position

Hi Dr. Testa,
I hope all is well with you and your students!
I wanted to send you a link to a great new opportunity for students seriously considering a job in sales. (Not marketing or PR, but actual selling.)
The internship reports to the Director of Sales at South Jersey Magazine.  The student selected for this experience will be able to job shadow the director, AND go out on the road with experienced sales reps to learn first hand how sales are done the South Jersey Magazine way.
It’s a fast turn-around time for candidates to apply, so if they’re able to get me a resume by this Wednesday, May 26 – or NO later than this Thursday morning before 1:00pm – I’ll be sure to include them in my reviews.
All the best to you and looking forward to staying in touch over the summer!

If you have any questions, please just let me know.

Sandra Perilli
FolioFLY LLC, Founder
www.foliofly.com (site in progress)
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The Product Life cycle

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The product life cycle is very important because there are many different products constantly entering and leaving the market.  The life cycle is needed to determine or estimate how successful a product will be.  Companies should evaluate the product life cycle to determine what changes and innovations are needed to keep the product growing.
Every product begins in the introduction stage.  If multiple companies begin purchasing the product to sell to their consumers then competition has now been created.  Sales should be steadily increasing and the price strategically set low to attract customers.  Once competition is present, the product begins to grow.  Growth and innovation should be constant in order to be the most profitable.  The job of the retailers during the growth stage is to make sure consumers do not buy from competitors.  The price must remain reasonable so that customers are not lost to competitors.
Once products have matured, it is important    to add new features to hold consumers interests.  In this stage, sales should have matured to the highest possible point and eventually lead to the decline.  The decline is caused by change in consumer demands and the development of new and better products.  The most important question during the decline is whether or not the product should be kept of slowly taken off the market.  The product life cycle is valuable because of the constant changes of the products in the market.

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Individuals need marketing

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Every individual is a business that needs marketing. Let’s think about the natural progression of a business person and compare it to the evolution of a expanding company. First, after high school the person needs find a college or university to attend. So, the person would research schools, find the best choice that fits his needs or wants (location, price, areas of study, etc.). Similarly, an expanding company with money to spend on branching out and expanding the company will research different options. They may choose to build up their business by branching out to new locations, acquiring another, similar business or offering new services or products. Either, way a company and an individual research chooses before progressing forward.
After researching a college, a business person (to be) picks classes that will help in his area of interest. From there, he markets himself to potential companies that are hiring interns. By interning he can learn hands-on how a company in his interest level operates. The interviewing process is all marketing, its selling your skills or qualifications. In the same way, an expanding company will choose the best way to expand and set up their operations. They make strategic plans to hire the right people at the right salaries, to establish the chain of command and locations for business that will help generate the most profit. During this time, business partners or other individuals in the decision making roles will argue and sell or market their points to get what they want or what they think the best decision for the company would be.

When a college student graduates, he again has to market himself to a company to work for. He needs to market himself while he has a job to keep it or move up the chain. He must prove that he is valuable to the company. And a business must use marketing and sales to attract customers and gain profit.

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4 Mistakes Young Salespeople Make

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4 Mistakes Young Salespeople Make

4 Mistakes Young Salespeople Make

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Cut costs or increase your income?

Cut costs or increase your income? By Rich Quindry

Many businesses foolishly focus on reducing expenses. Now, it’s true that you need to be wise, but how much can you cut and still stay in business? Probably the most you can add to the bottom line this way and still keep your doors open is 10 or 20%.

If you want to substantially increase your profit, you’ve got to increase your income, and you do that with marketing. Marketing is not an expense, it’s an investment. Paper towels are an expense.

Properly done, marketing returns much more in profits than it costs. If you were at a slot machine that continually paid back $200 for every $100 dollars that you spent would you consider putting in another $100 an expense or an investment? As long as your slot machine called marketing is paying off, you should be putting more money into it, not less. If it’s not paying off then you need to fix your marketing or fix what you’re selling.

By investing in marketing the potential increase in your profits is limitless.

Rich Quindry
Photography for Advertising

USA –   215-368-9260   voice / fax

“Digitally enhanced images that enhance your image.”


Check out his blog at http://blog.quindry.com

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