Quoted – Android a threat to Windows

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Windows 7 Starter Breaks Away From App Restrictions

Looming competition from Android will go far to keep prices in line, predicted Scott Testa, marketing professor at St. Joseph’s University.

“Android is getting a lot of buzz in the netbook market — Microsoft sees it as a threat,” he told TechNewsWorld.

Also, Microsoft got a lot of backlash when it first unveiled its watered down version of Windows 7, noted Testa, and it may be leery of antagonizing any user base.

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Quoted – How to Sell to the Cool Kids!

Holy Geek Squad, Batman!
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How to Sell to the Cool Kids!


It’s a state of mind: Cool can mean different things to different audiences. For example, Best Buy’s Geek Squad (Stock Quote: BBY) makes it cool to be a geek, says Dr. Scott Testa, professor of marketing at St. Joseph’s University who also writes Dr. Scott’s Cool Marketing and Business Blog. Mountain Dew’s close relationship with extreme sports makes it the brand for teen boys, but Cadillac’s coolness is more mature and sophisticated. So consider your audience when determining how cool you want to be.

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Facebook Serves as Own Example of How Web Bites Back

Here is a great article brought to my attention by Teresa Burns of Saint Joseph’s University


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Marketers Should Be in Charge of Social Media

Here is a great article brought to my attention by Teresa Burns of Saint Joseph’s University

CMO Council: Marketers Should Be in Charge of Social Media – Advertising Age – CMO Strategy.

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