Technology opens up for marketing makes things so much more efficient.

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Technology is always changing and the new opportunities that technology opens up for marketing makes things so much more efficient. Even for small business, utilizing technology leads to a greater profit margin from more and more exposure. The only problem with this new form of marketing is that it could sometimes become annoying.
Think about Facebook, the new craze for young people. Facebook now allows advertising. Companies pay for ads that are relatively cheap and the ads lead right to a website. They pay-per-click and bid against others targeting their same demographic. Imagine a company being able to reach their target market by clicking through Facebook Ad Manager for five minutes, writing 100 characters in a text box and connecting the picture they choose for the ad to their website. Next thing you know, the ad is targeting females in Philadelphia, between the ages of 18-25.
This example is not annoying but when companies create facebook pages for free to advertise this might be annoying. Similarly, twitter pages are taken very seriously by some bloggers. Even though only 10% of bloggers account for 90% of the blogging, advertising on twitter for free could annoy them. Text blasts and are also becoming popular and mass e-mails sent from all sorts of Spam Centers annoy the inboxes of most people with e-mail addresses. How effective are those mass e-mails for how annoying they are and will they turn into what telemarketing became.

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