Quoted – Five Ways to Boost Online Advertising

US Online Advertising Spending, by Format
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Quoted – How to Boost Online Advertising – http://www.fuelnet.com/daily/online_advertising_tips/online-advertising-tips-2/

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Marketing Your Business through Facebook – by Katherine Rafferty

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In 2004, Mark Zuckerburg launched the beginnings of Facebook for his peers at Harvard University to stay connected with each other. Little did he know that it would soon become a multi-million dollar business and one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Facebook allows millions of its users, such as me, to interact and stay connected through photos, wall posts, profiles, messages, and even status updates. Today, even older generations, such as my relatives, are beginning to find that online social networking is the new fad of social networking. Everyone’s doing it. Audiences across the globe cannot seem to stop talking about it.
Facebook not only attracts users for communicating with friends and family, but also it has been quite common for companies to increase their efficiency and productivity in advertising. Facebook for businesses is a powerful marketing tool in today’s world. These companies are able to attract different target audiences from teenagers to grandparents. This helps these businesses to increase the variety of their demographics.
Recently, in the past year or two, I have realized that Facebook has started using virtual marketing techniques to attract more users. This social network sells spaces for banner ads along the sides of the website to businesses. These businesses have begun to use these ads to draw customers’ attention to their products. The ads are placed on certain pages determined by the data collected through your interests, location, groups, etc. Even if we don’t direct our focus at the ad, subconsciously our brain sees this picture when scrolling through a person’s profile. Personally, I think it’s a great way to increase product awareness and attract new customers.
Businesses have also begun to network by creating application and groups for their companies’ products. By creating profiles with videos, product updates, and descriptions of the company, businesses will expand their social media marketing. Social networking on Facebook helps create interaction between employees and their customers. Through the focus on virtual marketing, business will be able to build their brand name.
Checking Facebook multiple times a day has become an addiction for users across the globe. With the continued success of marketing through online ads and Facebook profiles, I believe this online social networking site will help businesses prosper and attract new customers. So if you have business, I recommend Facebook as a way to target an audience in today’s technological world.

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