Quoted – How to Find a Job with Social Media Book

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Quoted – How to Find a Job with Linkedin MySpace Twitter and Facebook and other Social Media

This is an excellent book written by Brad and Debra Schepp. My advice as follows when it comes to posting on social media:

  • Be careful of what you put on your pages
  • Monitor what others put on your wall
  • Don’t post anything you would not want your mother to read

Employers may go to your Facebook or other social networking pages to get an idea of your interests and personality so obviously you want to be careful what you post and you may also post those activities that are consistent with your career goals.

For example, you may want have an American Marketing Association link or information if you are a marketing major.

The four social networking sites I like the most are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Plaxo they all bring something interesting to the table.


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Myspace significantly reduces staffs to compete with fast growing Facebook.

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Can you believe that Myspace is letting go 30% of it workers? That is so crazy. I remember, when Myspace first started, all of my friends created an account and could not stop talking about it. Myspace was the premiere social networking site on the internet. But now its growth cycle is on its way down because of the new social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter.

I cannot believe it. What a pity but desperate times call for desperate measures. Can Myspace save itself by cutting down the fact? Should myspace renew it website? What do you think? Is the same going to happen to Facebook and Twitter if a new social networking site is created? I hope not, but the evolution you never know.

Now no one talks about myspace anymore. It is like myspace has never existed despite its popularity. This is the night mare part of business when it comes to evolution. What is lost for such a powerful company. Can Myspace compete against facebook and twitter? I do not know how about you?

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Stop bashing social networks

Stop bashing social networks

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5 Ways To Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

5 Ways To Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

5 Ways To Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

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Six Elements of a Great LinkedIn Profile

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Post by Scott Cunningham

TheReferralAdvisor.com Your LinkedIn profile should be thought of as a marketing tool. Think about what your objectives are on LinkedIn and update your profile accordingly.

For example, do you want to use LinkedIn to…

  • find a job
  • generate leads & referrals
  • find an investor
  • find referral partners
  • find subscribers for your email newsletter

Because many people haven’t determined how to accomplish their objectives with LinkedIn, they tend to provide only the basic information.

The purpose of this is to take you beyond the basics and show you how to get the most from your LinkedIn profile. Therefore, I have assumed that you have already provided the basic information on your profile.

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