M-Commerce – Direct marketing goes mobile!

Post by Jessica Weyhmuller

How many people a day do you see using a cellular phone? If people are not making calls, they are most likely texting, and if they are not doing those forms of communicating they could be checking the news, their email, playing a game, or listening to music. There are close to a billion mobile phones used worldwide, many of which have Internet capabilities. What better way to take advantage of this, than to market and promote right to these mobile phones or devices (PDAs) … welcome to the world of m-commerce. This form of e-commerce activity is predominant in Europe and Asia. For example, over half of Japan’s Web users access the Internet by means of a mobile device; for them it is actually cheaper! In the U.S., it has yet to catch on as quickly, but slowly cell phone companies are beginning to target the high-school/college level demographics.

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