Hyundai stepping up. . thinking “out of the box” and getting great press

Hyundai announced the “Hyundai Assurance Program” that would allow a customer to return a purchased or leased vehicle within 12 months of purchase because of a loss of income. The buyback program allows customers to return the vehicle for a number of reasons including unemployment, becoming physically disabled even if they die accidentally.

This sounds like a bad idea from a financial perspective for Hyundai but, I think it is absolutely brilliant from a marketing perspective.  Hyundai has a history of thinking “outside of the box,” in the past they resolved reliability concerns with their ten year 100,000 mile warranty. There are several companies that have followed with similar warranties.

From a consumers standpoint there are some details of the program that are suspect.  For example, if you have to return the car, the dealer dictates the price that they would value the car which would cast doubt in my mind about this deal.

But, my gut is the “Hyundai Assurance program” will be duplicated by other manufacturers.  Time will tell.

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