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Certain questions should not be asked of people at the gym. For example, “Is that all you can bench press?” or “Do these spandex shorts make me look fat?” These are impertinent and potentially embarrassing questions.

Even worse is a question that is rarely, if ever asked: “What do I get for my initiation fees?”

At a handful of Montreal gyms, the question might well be on the verge of taboo.

Gym folk will be familiar with the scenario. You learn the price for a one-year membership. “That’s $550 for one year, everything included.”

Then the zinger: “And with the joining/signing/administration/initiation fee, the total comes to $675.”


Scott Testa,  college marketing professor, has three words to say about fees: “Just tell me.” He would rather be told, “If you can’t afford it, I understand completely. This may not be the club for you.”

Initiation fees have been around for decades.

“They go way, way back,” said Concordia University marketing professor Harold Simpkins. “The idea was you collect money and put it into capital funds for upgrades. Fees also act as a filter, and make it more difficult for members to leave.”

Said Testa: “This is the old country-club idea: You want to make it exclusive, like a lot of golf clubs and high-end sports clubs. They all had large initiation fees – 10 grand and up.”

Many Montreal clubs have undergone major, impressive renovations, notably the downtown YMCA, MAA, Atwater Club and Le Sanctuaire. So why not call it what it is? Why not be frank with the consumer?

“People have the right to make money,” Testa said. “On the other hand, consumers need to protect themselves and get the best deal they can.”

But charging to open a file?

“What’s that cost? A nickel? At the end of the day, initiation fees are almost pure profit,” Testa said. “From a consumer’s standpoint, I don’t like paying them, but we are in tough economic times, and people don’t see gyms as something they need. The vast majority of users will drop out, and clubs count on that. So why not get the money up front? My position is ‘If you prove yourself from month to month, then I’ll come back to your gym.’ ”

Testa suggests a face-to-face meeting if you want to try for lower fees: “That way you can read body language. And, remember, you get what you negotiate.”

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/total+fees+what/3679132/story.html#ixzz137zI94v5


Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/total+fees+what/3679132/story.html#ixzz137ywQMVl




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Job Postings for College Students

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My name is Sara Duncan and I work for RALLY Marketing Group.  We’re working with Naked Juice to put together a promotions campaign to run February- April at college campuses across the US.  We’re looking to recruit 2 current students from Cabrini that love Naked Juice and want to help promote the brand on campus, and I’m hoping you may be able to get the word out.  This is a part-time, paid contract position, (3 days of work plus time spent on Face Book).

This is a great opportunity for students that want to gain real experience working on a marketing campaign or just want to have fun on Facebook, run sampling events and get paid for it!  We’re actively recruiting students now to begin the contract on February 1, 2010.  Please let me know if you’d like more information and feel free to pass along my contact information to interested students.  I can provide them with the details on the contract opportunity and how to apply.

Please feel free to distribute the attached job ad and post the flyer.  Students can apply directly by pasting the below link in to their browser:

http://rally.submit4jobs.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=83079.viewjobdetail&CID=83079&JID=80822&BUID=” target=”_new

I really appreciate your time.

Sara Duncan, PHR


ph  206 219 0024   fax  206 219 0021

Hi Everyone!
I hope your new year is off to a great start!  At FolioFLY we’ve been listening to everyone’s feedback and working to make our site work better for you in 2010.

One of our newest and most requested feature is you can now post comments on each project we publish. So if you have a question or need more information to decide if a project is right for you, you can post it right there.

Our site is still a work in progress, BUT for today we have 2 new terrific PAYING, work from home projects to share.  Both projects are with a student recommended Project Manager who has successfully worked with FolioFLY student members since November 2009:
Project 1: Help design and develop a student training program – Superior English skills a MUST! College students only. For all the details goto http://bit.ly/609M0Z
Project 2: Hand out and collect feedback surveys to fellow students – Get paid $100 to hand out and collect 100 surveys ($1.00 per completed survey) for a new educational company. No experience necessary.  High School AND College students may apply. For more details goto http://bit.ly/84hl9w
Again, both projects are with a highly experienced Project Manager who has worked with our FolioFLY student members before. Please feel free to forward this email to help someone get paid work experience built around their school schedule, or apply yourself by emailing me at sperilli@foliofly.comafter you’ve read the project details.  LMK if you’d like to be considered for one of the spots before they’re gone!
Look forward to hearing from you soon!
Sandra Perilli

FolioFLY LLC, Founder

P: 201-410-4320
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McDonalds and its Healthy Menu

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McDonalds and other fast food restaurants are starting to and have been marketing a “Healthy Menu”. But, is their new health oriented menu going to change the dynamic of the eatery. We saw McDonalds and others advertising a tasty and quick and affordable product. Now they started working the coffee scene and health scene. I think that they will soon begin to target health food as their main advertising campaigns.
After so many years of marketing fast food—The Big Mac—people already know what McDonalds has to offer in that sense. But, it is a harder sell to convince people who are health conscious to go to these places to eat. It is also very hard to convince a Starbucks customer to go to McDonalds to get a Cappuccino.
Although it is not impossible for these things to happen it will take time and money. Money is not a problem for McDonalds, the health-craze isn’t going anywhere and Coffee drinkers are definitely not changing habits. Plus, people who regularly eat at McDonalds are going to continue to eat there, they are basically loyal customers. I think McDonalds will start to target Health Conscious people, continue to target young kids and also coffee drinkers.

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Swine Flu Gives Marketers New Opportunities

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It looks like businesses are bombarding consumers with offers to help them since the outbreak of the swine flu.  Everything from travel insurance, air filters, chiropractors, and even T-shirts are being marketed to prevent a possible pandemic.  Some people are claiming it’s unethical for businesses to exploit consumers on their fears of contracting the disease, but many of the items are valid disease preventives.  Should people be running out to buy the SaniGuard Total Release Fogger yet?  Let’s see first if the swine flu virus literally dies down.


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