Facebook Advertising – Great Article by Teresa Burns

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Here is a great article written by Teresa Burns of Saint Joseph’s University

Facebook Advertising

Over the past few years Facebook has gone from a college social network for sharing pictures and friend requesting to a networking space for business promotion, advertising, and multimedia interaction. With over 175 million active users, “facebookers” spend about 3 billion plus hours a day logged onto the site. Not only are college students and teenagers fully engaged in the Facebook phenomenon, but adults and professionals also make up a large portion of Facebook users. Even though the site began five years ago as a social platform for college students, surprisingly the largest growing demographic is those 30 years and older. Recently businesses have caught on to the growing popularity creating over 100,000 business pages and using Facebook as a networking plug for their company or self-promotion. Facebook offers many ways to spread the word about a growing business and pulling people into the brand.

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