Check Your Email’s Spam Score Deliverability – Free Online Tool

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Check Your Email’s Spam Score & Deliverability – Free Online Tool

I have been building a direct mail list and have been playing with some email marketing and direct mail.  I found this cool tool that prevents emails from getting caught in spam filters.  I am not condoning spam. .I just want to point out that even if you have an opt-in email list emails can sometimes get caught in filters.

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Building your Email List with Personal URL’s

Companies need to utilize all disciplines of marketing to get the greatest ROI. Direct mail (snail mail) vs. email and viral marketing is always the question. Both can work in concert to build your list of prospects for your permission marketing program.

Most companies get their first email campaigns out to just a small fraction of its prospect base in hopes that they pass it along to a friend or colleague and hope that they sign up for a subscription.

To jump start or build your subscriptions you can utilize Personalized URL’s, (PURL).

With a PURL you can:

Develop cross media marketing campaigns

Build you email prospect base by utilizing a direct mail list

Quantify responses with real time reporting

Gather critical demographic information with a survey

Gather cell phone numbers for a texting campaign

Set up automatic responses via email or texting

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