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A Low-Tech Solution to a Hi-Tech Kids Growth We shower our kids with the latest and greatest in high tech devices – electronic games, mini-computers, video devices and more – all with a mind that we are preparing them for a society that is increasingly focused on information and content management. But not all kids will grow up to be the information managers and developers of tomorrow. Many others have interest in working with their hands creating, molding, and building the world around them. This reality hits home as we embark on a new era of reconstruction, largely attributed to the stimulus spending for public works and infrastructure projects. Innovation is manifested in many ways. One recent discovery in the toy arena for children age 5 and over is the Handtrux® Backhoe, manufactured in the USA by Ten Ton Toys, a division of EVERGREENRIVER Media Holdings ( This is a cool toy that enables kids to insert an arm into the toy and use low-tech hand power to manipulate the backhoe’s bucket. It has a patented action lever to simulate digging like the giants on construction sites. It’s perfect for summertime play at the beach, or in the backyard for hours of constructive playtime. With increasing demand from toy retailers and retail chains, the company plans to release the Handtrux® Bulldozer and Handtrux® Dump Truck, both equipped with the Handraulic Power GRIP™, by late summer. Investors are being sought. Oh, did I mention the Backhoe has adult applications for gardening and for industry? Picked by as a Toy of the Week, the Handtrux® Backhoe is an example of how low-tech solutions can spark innovation. For more information email:

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