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Quoted – Fresh & Easy stores could pull out of Valley – Businessweek

Fresh & Easy‘s parent company is considering selling its stores and pulling out of the U.S., leaving the fate of the eight stores in the central San Joaquin Valley up in the air.

But at least one retail expert said the end is near for Fresh & Easy.

“I think eventually they’ll pull out,” said Philadelphia-based independent retail expert Scott Testa. “They’ll probably find a buyer.”

But the stores didn’t make the kind of money its parent company wanted to see. Fresh & Easy entered an incredibly competitive environment, Testa said.

“This grocery business is a tough, tough business,” he said. “Margins are small.”

Signs of the retailer’s struggle were evident in the Valley.

The company closed the Fresh & Easy at Cedar and Shields avenues in January, part of at least two rounds of store closures companywide.

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Quoted – Talking head Baldi now an iPhone app – Santa Cruz Sentinel

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SANTA CRUZ — A robotic voice lurches into reciting a snippet of news and a pale, bald, animated head suddenly seems alive on the iPhone of Dominic Massaro, a UC Santa Cruz psychologist.

The $4.99 iPhone application is the latest step in Baldi’s evolution since Massaro created it two decades ago. Previously, the character helped hearing-impaired kids to produce and recognize sounds, helped people learn to read and helped autistic kids recognize emotion. Baldi can recite Web sites, e-mails, books and other texts. It has been featured in Newsweek and on ABC News.

“Instead of being chained to a desktop or a laptop, it can be carried with you,” said Scott Testa, professor of business administration at Cabrini College in Philadelphia, who is not associated with the product. “It’s a great business decision.”


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Quoted – Retailer Smart Buys at Stupid Prices will shut all 22 locations – Fresno Bee

It's the economy, stupid!
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Quoted – Retailer Smart Buys at Stupid Prices will shut all 22 locations – Fresno Bee

Discount retailer Smart Buys at Stupid Prices is closing all its 22 stores, including the Fresno store that opened less than a year ago, according to the Fresno store’s manager.

Experts say the closure is proof that it takes more than low prices to make it in this economy. The Washington-based chain, which sells surplus and close-out merchandise from other retailers, has stores in California and Washington.

Employees at the Merced store — which opened in July — and the Stockton store confirmed that their locations will close as well.

Closing stores so soon after opening them is unusual, said Scott Testa, a professor who follows retail at Cabrini College in Philadelphia. He noted that he doesn’t have first-hand knowledge of what happened with Smart Buys.

“Opening stores in the summer and closing down completely in September tells me that … maybe they grew a little too quick, or maybe they lost some financing,” he said. “Those indications tell me that something horribly went wrong.”

When retailers run into financial troubles, they typically stop opening new stores and focus on becoming financially sound, sometimes closing underperforming stores, he said.

Midsized retailers have a tough time competing against larger chains, and Smart Buys may have faced some of the same challenges that the now-closed Gottschalks faced, Testa said. Such stores have less pull with manufacturers than large chains, he said.

“The smaller chains sometimes get stuck with the crumbs,” he said. “If there’s a hot product that a lot of people want, the Best Buys and the Wal-Marts of the world, they usually get first dibs.”


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Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore: first Twitter celeb couple

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore
Image by andycarvin via Flickr

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore: first Twitter celeb couple

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore: first Twitter celeb couple

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