Help Wanted – WordPress and Marketing Intern

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I have a project that I am looking for both a WordPress Developer and a Marketing Intern.

If you have any questions or are interested email me at

Thanks Scott

Interviewed – ABC – Mommy Blogging – Issues with the FTC

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ABC – Television Interview – Mommy Blogging – Issues with the FTC

But there has been some controversy surrounding the hundreds of thousands of mommy bloggers saturating this internet niche. The Federal Trade Commission is considering a move to regulate bloggers bread and butter, their endorsement of products.

But Saint Joseph’s marketing professor Scott Testa says this may be a realm the FTC will have trouble controlling.

“It’s so subjective in so many different areas I think it would be very hard to regulate that.”

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10 Social Media Tools in 10 Minutes

10 Social Media Tools in 10 Minutes.

10 Social Media Tools in 10 Minutes.

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Top 5 Blogging Musts

Top 5 Blogging Musts

Top 5 Blogging Musts.

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Growing Rich by Blogging Is a High-Tech Fairy Tale

Growing Rich by Blogging Is a High-Tech Fairy Tale |

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