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T-Mobile Offers Glimmer of Hope – or $100 Credit – in Data Loss Debacle

T-Mobile has indicated that some of the data Sidekick users lost due to a Microsoft server failure may be retrievable after all. Those who can’t get their data back will receive a $100 credit toward purchases or bill payments at T-Mobile. All data customers will get a month of free service — and, no doubt, many more apologies as the company struggles to manage the problem.

Right now, the company is probably feeling its way through the crisis, Scott Testa, a business professor at Cabrini College, told the E-Commerce Times. Offering customers $100 for their trouble is a good first step — but the carrier is going to have to do much more if it wants to restore faith among its customer Boost customer satisfaction + retention with Salesforce.com Service Cloud 2. Click to learn more. base, he said.

“It will have to come clean about the server failure and how it happened — and, more importantly, the steps it is taking to make sure it never happens again.” For example, he said, T-Mobile should release a detailed plan — a, say, five-point plan for backup — in the near future. “Right now, they are doing a good job managing expectations by telling customer to expect the worst. So they have some credibility in this respect.”

That appears to be the smartest game plan T-Mobile can adopt going forward.


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