Quoted – Entrepreneur Magazine – Small Business Administration Pick

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Quoted – Entrepreneur MagazineSmall Business Administration Pick

Inauguration Day: What Businesses Can Expect From The Obama Administration

As marketing consultant Scott Testa says, “Venture capitalists by nature are risk takers, and it is an extremely competitive business. This administration may need to take some risks to help this very important component of the economy.”


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Quoted – Five Ways to Boost Online Advertising

US Online Advertising Spending, by Format
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Quoted – How to Boost Online Advertising – http://www.fuelnet.com/daily/online_advertising_tips/online-advertising-tips-2/

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Marketers Should Be in Charge of Social Media

Here is a great article brought to my attention by Teresa Burns of Saint Joseph’s University

CMO Council: Marketers Should Be in Charge of Social Media – Advertising Age – CMO Strategy.

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