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When confronted with a new piece of technology, some users will jump right in, but others may want to learn from an expert how to get the most out of it. Class On Demand puts 13 lessons onto a DVD that Mac greenhorns can use straight from their new computers. However, as many vendors operating in the Apple universe have found, one of their biggest rivals may turn out to be Apple itself.

As many developers have learned, operating in the Apple universe can be an uncertain proposition because one never knows when one may be in a face off for market share with one’s benefactor. “Apple’s going to get more involved in training themselves,” Scott Testa a professor of business administration at Cabrini College in Philadelphia told to MacNewsWorld.

“They’re going to start wrapping around training more and more with the retail experience,” he continued. “You’re going to see stores that are larger and have a larger training component in them.”

“They see training as a business that’s complementary to the rest of the things they’re doing,” he added. “An educated customer is generally a better customer. The more educated your customers are in your products, the less chance you have of losing them.”

“That’s not going to make trainers happy,” he declared, “but the market is so large that Apple could in no way satisfy the whole demand in it.”


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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think


Apple is in talks to acquire Twitter

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