Quoted – Talking head Baldi now an iPhone app – Santa Cruz Sentinel

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SANTA CRUZ — A robotic voice lurches into reciting a snippet of news and a pale, bald, animated head suddenly seems alive on the iPhone of Dominic Massaro, a UC Santa Cruz psychologist.

The $4.99 iPhone application is the latest step in Baldi’s evolution since Massaro created it two decades ago. Previously, the character helped hearing-impaired kids to produce and recognize sounds, helped people learn to read and helped autistic kids recognize emotion. Baldi can recite Web sites, e-mails, books and other texts. It has been featured in Newsweek and on ABC News.

“Instead of being chained to a desktop or a laptop, it can be carried with you,” said Scott Testa, professor of business administration at Cabrini College in Philadelphia, who is not associated with the product. “It’s a great business decision.”


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Interviewed – ABC – Mommy Blogging – Issues with the FTC

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ABC – Television Interview – Mommy Blogging – Issues with the FTC


But there has been some controversy surrounding the hundreds of thousands of mommy bloggers saturating this internet niche. The Federal Trade Commission is considering a move to regulate bloggers bread and butter, their endorsement of products.

But Saint Joseph’s marketing professor Scott Testa says this may be a realm the FTC will have trouble controlling.

“It’s so subjective in so many different areas I think it would be very hard to regulate that.”

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TV interview on ABC

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Good story with my ugly mug talking about the xmas shopping season from a retail perspective.

ABC reporter John Rawlins is really smart and interesting to talk to.

I am toward the end. sorry


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