Brands they are a changing. . . .

My recent interview for Associated Press about Brands that are gone (or will be gone) . .

More Top Brands Disappearing 2009 – MSNBC, LATimes, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer. . .

Sorry for be such a doomsdayer but, 2009 is going to be tough for a number of sectors in the US.

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Dr. Scott’s Predictions for 2009

  • Many Newspapers continue to struggle those that have high debt levels will consolidate, retrench through bankruptcy, or good old liquidation. .continue trend of starting to limit home delivery or not produce “physical paper” and go with pure web strategy like the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Yahoo gets bought – Maybe News Corp, maybe Disney, probably Microsoft. This train wreck has got to end. (What was Jerry Yang and the board thinking when they rebuffed multiple offers from Microsoft?) [Read more…]

2009: The Year of Marketing Chaotically


Manny Gonzalez

PARIS Technologies International, Inc.

In 1987 noted management consultant and author Tom Peters authored his third book entitled “Thriving on Chaos.” The book focused on what Peters saw as the successful management practices that businesses must employ in order to not just survive but to thrive in the face of mounting marketplace turmoil occurring at the time. Speed ahead to 2009 and while marketplace turmoil persists (thanks in good measure to the on-going economic recession) could Peters have envisioned the Web 2.0 explosion that is causing catastrophic chaos for marketers worldwide, to boot? I can’t answer that question. But, I do know that the chaos marketers are facing today is not going away any time soon so we, as savvy marketers, just may as well embrace the chaos and try our best to not just survive but as Peter’s postulated – thrive. I will attempt now to describe, in very broad terms, what I see as the key elements of a successful B2B marketing strategy.

First off, begin to think of your marketing planning in two ways:

  1. What do I need to do to gain leads?
  2. What do I need to do to create the right message?

By thinking of your marketing plans in these ways, you will be able to focus on the steps that you will need to take in order to identify the best way to reach your target market and ensure that you’ve crafted the right message for that audience.

[Read more…]