How often do you turn off your computer?

We asked college students how often they turn off their computer.  Video entry for by SJU Sustainability Club.  Featuring music by Shining TV Screen. Instructions how to set the power management on your computer here:

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Time offering ‘customized’ experimental magazine

Time offering ‘customized’ experimental magazine

Time offering ‘customized’ experimental magazine.

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How One Man Confused Grocers and Won Customers with Canned Pancakes

How One Man Confused Grocers and Won Customers with Canned Pancakes

The Most Innovative Companies in Advertising & Marketing

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The Most Innovative Companies in Advertising & Marketing

  1. Crispin Porter + Bogusky: New clients including Best Buy, Hulu, Microsoft, and Old Navy have flocked to the ad shop that made Burger King cool.
  2. TBWA\Worldwide: TBWA’s Media Arts Lab’s “Get a Mac” tag team continues to define the brand battle of the 21st century.
  3. Barbarian Group: The scrappy digital production shop behind the Subservient Chicken is now an interactive lab for companies such as Adobe and CNN.
  4. AKQA: Advertising at this boundary-crossing agency spans fuel-efficiency apps for Fiat, alternate-reality games for McDonald’s, and sneaker-design tools for Nike.
  5. Naked: The media-agnostic British shop has grown 80% in New York with clients such as Johnson & Johnson and Nokia.
  6. AdMob: The two-year-old mobile ad network had a banner year and landed $17 million of funding from Sequoia Capital.
  7. Saatchi & Saatchi S: Former Sierra Club prez-turned-Wal-Mart consultant Adam Werbach gained access to huge companies after Saatchi & Saatchi bought his firm.
  8. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners: The San Francisco-based agency stretched far beyond display ads, including a Wario Wii ad that demolished its own YouTube page.
  9. 42 Entertainment: The stealth multi-platform marketers built buzz for The Dark Knight with an alternate-reality campaign.
  10. Obscura Digital: This band of projectionists turns the world into a billboard for brands including GM, Google, and Oracle.
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Why Traditional Media must be Sustained – How Sports Illustrated Nailed A-Rod, And Why It May Not Happen Again

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Those of you who have read my posts, taken my classes, heard me speak or read my interviews know how I historically “beat up” traditional media.  Most newspapers as we know it are moving to the web, merging, becoming non-profits or simply closing.  The day of having your local newspaper delivered to you in the morning is slowly coming to a close.  Don’t shoot the messenger I have two papers physically delivered to my home and read another during the day.

Below is an article about how Sports Illustrated broke the  Alex Rodriguez steroids debacle that quite frankly states about the best reasons I can think of for keeping traditional media sources alive and thriving.

I also would like to point out that traditional media does not always get it right.  For example, the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal was not broken by traditional media but by a blogger. So ultimately there are two sides to this argument.  Have fun. . thanks for reading . .If you have something to say post it. . If you have a lot to say let me know and I will give you your own post. . take care . . .Scott

How Sports Illustrated Nailed A-Rod, And Why It May Not Happen Again

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