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Eggs With That Escrow?

One day soon, finding a real estate agent to help you house-shop may be as close as a Stop & Shop supermarket. While you’re there to grab some bread and a head of lettuce, you’ll be able to shop for a spacious colonial or renovated ranch, courtesy of the ‘micro offices’ real estate brokerage RE/MAX is installing in as many as 17 New England Stop & Shops, including one in Connecticut.

uch retail partnerships provide consumers the opportunity to conveniently purchase items and services they use regularly, said Scott Testa, marketing expert and business professor at Cabrini College in Philadelphia.

But the partnership between RE/MAX and Stop & Shop is is a bit odd, Testa said.

“Common sense says there’s not as much use for a real estate agency,” he said. “It’s not like a bank where consumers have transactions a couple of times a week. Consumers use a real estate agent maybe once every two or three years.”

Despite that, Testa said he can see consumers browsing listings if they are displayed in a way that doesn’t necessarily require interaction with a real estate agent.

“It’s all in how it’s presented,” he said.


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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think


Apple is in talks to acquire Twitter

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Swine Flu Gives Marketers New Opportunities

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It looks like businesses are bombarding consumers with offers to help them since the outbreak of the swine flu.  Everything from travel insurance, air filters, chiropractors, and even T-shirts are being marketed to prevent a possible pandemic.  Some people are claiming it’s unethical for businesses to exploit consumers on their fears of contracting the disease, but many of the items are valid disease preventives.  Should people be running out to buy the SaniGuard Total Release Fogger yet?  Let’s see first if the swine flu virus literally dies down.


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Starbucks Launches New Marketing Campaign

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Higher-end coffee shops like Starbucks are getting severally effected in our recession now, as more and more consumers flock to places like Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s for a cheaper cup of coffee.  Its second quarter profits fell by 77%!  Their new marketing strategy is to focus on the quality and value of the whole Starbucks experience, because this and its servicescape really differentiate it from the competition.  Some of their new advertising is warning consumers to watch out for the “cheap coffee”, implying coffee from places like McDonald’s is not up to par.  Even so, Starbucks will cut costs slightly for their more popular products like the iced coffee and tall lattes.  Will these plans counteract the effects of the recession?  Only time will tell.




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Mobile Marketing Takes Off in India

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As we predicted in marketing class, mobile marketing via text messaging is steadily increasing in popularity.  Mobile marketing is more cost-effective and advertisers are certain their ad is seen by the consumer, which makes it very attractive.  The downside is that SMS marketing companies must avoid being placed under spamming by the national regulations in India like the National Do Not Disturb (NDND) and Registry of telecom regulator TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).  In the U.S. this marketing medium will definitely increase in popularity too.


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