Facebook’s $200M investment values co. at $10B

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think

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Apple + Twitter = A Better Combination Than You Might Think


Apple is in talks to acquire Twitter

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Swine Flu Gives Marketers New Opportunities

Mexico- Swine Flu- May 1, 2009
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It looks like businesses are bombarding consumers with offers to help them since the outbreak of the swine flu.  Everything from travel insurance, air filters, chiropractors, and even T-shirts are being marketed to prevent a possible pandemic.  Some people are claiming it’s unethical for businesses to exploit consumers on their fears of contracting the disease, but many of the items are valid disease preventives.  Should people be running out to buy the SaniGuard Total Release Fogger yet?  Let’s see first if the swine flu virus literally dies down.


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Five Key Steps to Succesfully Niche Marketing On The Internet

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Five Key Steps to Succesfully Niche Marketing On The Internet

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How Social Networking Can Change The World

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The power of  Social Networking and how it can change the world.

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