Help Wanted – WordPress and Marketing Intern

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I have a project that I am looking for both a WordPress Developer and a Marketing Intern.

If you have any questions or are interested email me at

Thanks Scott

Quoted – D’oh . .Lessons from the Simpsons! – ASI Central

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Quoted – D’oh . .Lessons from the Simpsons! – ASI Central

show’s popularity across a large
demographic is perhaps the biggest
draw for marketers, says
Dr. Scott Testa, a professor at
Cabrini College. “The pop culture
appeal is multigenerational.
It crosses a lot of demographics.”

Plus, the Fox franchise has
proved it’s no flash in the pan.
That can’t be said for many
other entertainment properties.
“Twenty years is a testament
to how good the show is,” says
Testa. “Who wouldn’t want to
partner with a show that has that
kind of timeline?”

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Quoted – The Power Tweens – Philadelphia Inquirer

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The power tweens

These savvy 8-to-12-year-old girls are such a mighty market force they merit their own D.C. convention.

The grand ballroom at the Capital Hilton glowed neon purple, and Idol-er David Archuleta‘s “Crush” pulsed from giant speakers.

Less than a mile from the White House, the First National Tween Girl Summit – yes, summit – was under way. The event was part serious confab, part sparkly hearts and butterflies – just like its audience.

That would be those conflicted wannabe teens (but not quite there yet) – the 8- to 12-year-olds known as tweens.

Companies are cashing in on this tween influence, eager to seal brand loyalty at ever younger ages, said Scott Testa, a professor of business at Cabrini College who specializes in the demographic. More than ever, the marketplace is pushing a tween lifestyle heavy on teen aspiration, despite concerns from developmental experts – and even marketers themselves – over the loss of childhood.

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Quoted – St Louis Post – Hummer dealership fights declining sales with guns

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Like many of his competitors, Hummer dealer Jim Lynch is fighting for survival.

Unlike the rest of them, Lynch reached for a gun. Lots of them, actually.

Faced with declining sales and an uncertain future, his Chesterfield dealership has expanded in a direction that’s drawing national attention. It’s what happens when you replace some of those pricey Hummers with dozens of Glocks, Sig Sauers, Colts, Berettas and Brownings.

If Hummer and GM do balk at Lynch’s diversification, that won’t be a huge surprise to Scott Testa, a marketing professor at Cabrini College in Philadelphia.

It would be in line, he said, with the unimaginative way the U.S. auto industry operates.

“That’s how these car companies got themselves into this mess,” Testa said. “You’d think they would be very open-minded. But that’s not always the case.”

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