Quoted – Could an Apple ‘iPad’ Make E-Readers Irrelevant? – Macnewsworld.com

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Quoted – Could an Apple ‘iPad’ Make E-Readers Irrelevant? –  Macnewsworld.com

Rumor has it Apple’s begun shopping a tablet computer — or “iPad,” as it’s been unofficially dubbed — to publishers. Would Apple’s entry into the e-book market spell doom for the Kindle, Nook and Daily Edition? Or is it more likely that an iPad might be a nice device for everything but books?

Rumors that Apple has been approaching major publishers about a content distribution deal suggest it is well-poised to make a disruptive play in the e-reader field, suggested Scott Testa, a professor of business at Cabrini College.

“I think Apple has the potential to do what they have with smartphones and music to the publishing industry,” Testa told MacNewsWorld.

One major hurdle could be standing in its way, if the rumor mills are right: The projected high cost of the Apple device could be a barrier to adoption for many enthusiastic consumers.

Unlike an iPhone, which can be had for as little as $99 up front, or a Kindle, with a base price of $259, the rumored iPad could involve an investment of $600 or more — and it could carry ongoing fees for data access, according to many reports.

“It goes from a great Christmas gift to a luxury item,” remarked Testa.


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Quoted – Talking head Baldi now an iPhone app – Santa Cruz Sentinel

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SANTA CRUZ — A robotic voice lurches into reciting a snippet of news and a pale, bald, animated head suddenly seems alive on the iPhone of Dominic Massaro, a UC Santa Cruz psychologist.

The $4.99 iPhone application is the latest step in Baldi’s evolution since Massaro created it two decades ago. Previously, the character helped hearing-impaired kids to produce and recognize sounds, helped people learn to read and helped autistic kids recognize emotion. Baldi can recite Web sites, e-mails, books and other texts. It has been featured in Newsweek and on ABC News.

“Instead of being chained to a desktop or a laptop, it can be carried with you,” said Scott Testa, professor of business administration at Cabrini College in Philadelphia, who is not associated with the product. “It’s a great business decision.”


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Quoted – Verizon’s Tough-Guy Droid Bullies Sissy iPhone – Technewsworld

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What’s Verizon trying to accomplish with its characterization of the iPhone as a vapid female in contrast to the testosterone-soaked Droid? Will male AT&T subscribers drop their iPhones — and their carrier — in order to prove their manliness? Will women lust after a sexy robot? Are we living in the 1960s? Has Verizon’s ad agency lost its mind?

Successful ads, particularly in the tech industry, are usually the edgy ones or the funny ones — or, best of all, both.

“Being serious and straightforward all the time is not good for the advertising industry,” said Scott Testa, a business professor at Cabrini College.


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Quoted – Learning the Way of the Snow Leopard – MacNewsWorld

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When confronted with a new piece of technology, some users will jump right in, but others may want to learn from an expert how to get the most out of it. Class On Demand puts 13 lessons onto a DVD that Mac greenhorns can use straight from their new computers. However, as many vendors operating in the Apple universe have found, one of their biggest rivals may turn out to be Apple itself.

As many developers have learned, operating in the Apple universe can be an uncertain proposition because one never knows when one may be in a face off for market share with one’s benefactor. “Apple’s going to get more involved in training themselves,” Scott Testa a professor of business administration at Cabrini College in Philadelphia told to MacNewsWorld.

“They’re going to start wrapping around training more and more with the retail experience,” he continued. “You’re going to see stores that are larger and have a larger training component in them.”

“They see training as a business that’s complementary to the rest of the things they’re doing,” he added. “An educated customer is generally a better customer. The more educated your customers are in your products, the less chance you have of losing them.”

“That’s not going to make trainers happy,” he declared, “but the market is so large that Apple could in no way satisfy the whole demand in it.”


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Quoted – …Y Jobs creó Apple(… And Jobs created Apple) – Semana.com

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I was interviewed about Steve Jobs by Semana.com a Spanish web portal . . I dont know Spanish . . other then Dos cervezas por favor

“Jobs creó una marca que se ha convertido en un referente. Y lo hizo de la nada”, contó a esta publicación Scott Testa, profesor de negocios del Cabrini College en Pensilvania. Y como genio del marketing, ha sabido promocionar como nadie su imagen. “Un adicto a Coca-Cola no sabe quién es el presidente de la compañía. Con Apple sucede lo contrario: es la única marca que explota a fondo la figura mítica de su fundador. Se habla del culto Mac y sus clientes sienten una adhesión casi religiosa”, opina Álvaro Montes, columnista de tecnología de SEMANA.


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