Free Marketing Resources by Pitney Bowes

Hi Dr. Testa,

I came across your site today and found your ideas for marketers to be very helpful. I am working with Pitney Bowes

and wanted to let you know about the marketing resources available on the Pitney Bowes Connections Center.

The Pitney Bowes Connection Center was established to help professionals build stronger connections with their customers through the use of various professional insights and opportunities.  The site features white papers, Webinars, podcasts, and other resources to assist marketing executives in their professional development. All resources on the site are free and can be shared with colleagues and customers.

Please take a moment to review the Connections Center at

.   I hope that after reviewing the variety of resources and events found on the site you will share this information with your readers, helping them to strengthen their careers through the sharing of information.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.  I hope to hear from you soon.


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  1. Scott Testa says:

    […] 2009-03-11T03:46:47  Free Marketing Resources by Pitney Bowes: Hi Dr. Testa, I came across your site today and found your ideas for m.. [link to post] […]

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