Yahoo. . . take me to your leader. .

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I predicted last year that Yahoo would get bought by Microsoft in 2009 which I think is still going to happen.  Yahoo is such a great franchise but whose leadership well. . strange. . Jerry Yang’s public persona was questionable. . I mean he just seemed to say things that made him seem “out of touch.”

I said it before. .  him and the board in retrospect were absolutely insane for not taking the Microsoft offer at 33 a share. .

Carol Bartz is going to be named CEO of Yahoo. . nice safe pick . . and exactly what Yahoo does not need.  Here are some of my comments

The funny thing is Yahoo is still an extremely valuable franchise. In my opinion the search results at Yahoo are as good at this point to Google’s; and Microsoft probably needs Yahoo more then Yahoo needs Microsoft.  Microsoft’s search efforts have been futile. (What is Microsoft doing with all the money they spend on their search efforts?)

Here is my dream scenario. . Apple buys Yahoo. . I would love to see this. . .doubtful yes. . but I can dream can’t I. .

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