The Death March of Newspapers

Print media is dying. They are blaming the current economy and the decline of advertising and classified sales as the culprit of their troubles. Here are some other factors that explain the downfall of the newspaper business.

Most newspapers are either very liberal or very conservative. Readers are growing weary of this. They want unbiased news reporting, not slant. By the way, network television news; better learn quickly from print media on this one before its too late for you too!

With the exception of the bi-fold newspapers, the “technology” and packaging has not changed in decades. Please name me one other “product” that has not evolved in what seems like forever.

Print media blames the Internet and cable news channels for their loss of business. To some point, there is truth in that, as the immediacy of the ‘net and cable is hard to challenge, unless, you actually provide your readers in-depth facts and knowledge that they cannot readily find elsewhere. Keep in mind that the Internet and cable news channels are also usually slanted, and only give superficial attention to the stories that they report on.

Today’s reporting is like politics, all about the “gotcha.” That’s not what readers want, but how many newspapers do you know that actively interact with their readers in a way that provides them with the needed feedback to better service their readers?

At some point, if printed media does want to survive, it must stop acting like the victim of a tragedy and instead start reacting like a boxer who has been hit with a body blow: get up, re-group, and fight back!

Update 12/24/08

Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers: survey

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  1. I recently wrote a piece about this as well! I think as the current teens and early twenty-somethings enter the “real” workforce, we’re going to see fewer and fewer of them interested in print anything. The kids want instant, and want to interact (which is why many newspapers now allow comments on their online editions). Can’t do this with print.

  2. By the way, you can find the article here:

  3. Good bit or article..thanks sir.

    Death of printmedia may be a blessing in disguise..
    just imagine the number of trees that can be saved ..

    Other than a handful of newspapers which have real news .. all i see is just advertisements and worthless banter.

    Print media will have to shift from unloading 5 lb papers to being lean-and focussed media outlets.
    They must learn to complement web and priint to survive.

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