Green Apple(s)

 Post by Alexander Kinch

Let’s face it, Apple is “The King of the Jungle” when it comes to marketing. From their release of the first line of IMac computers, to the release of the new IPhone 3G. Apple always finds a way to have a strong Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI). As if all this success was not enough, they have found a new demographic to target, the “Green Market”.

      Over the last few decades there has been a growing concern with our environment and the effects computers, televisions, and other electronic devices have on our environment. Apple has found a way to capture this demographic of people with their new line of notebook computers. The new line of MacBook notebooks’ casing is made from one piece of completely recyclable aluminum; they do not contain harmful toxins such as mercury and arsenic, which is found in most notebooks; they can run on the power used by one quarter of a single light bulb; and use less packaging material than most other notebooks.

Sounds catchy, doesn’t it?

Apple has become the “trend setter” of the electronics market and has really stepped its game up, yet again, with this new line of notebooks.

I am sure you have seen advertisements for this new line of notebooks and know a thing or two about them already. After reading this small blurb on Apple’s new line of computers I bet you want to check them out online and find out more so here is the link for their new line of notebooks.

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