Steve Jobs is weird

Dear Steve Jobs:

You are weird. You are odd. You wear the same outfit all the time. (Although I have been accused of doing the same thing. Hey its not a stain it is a brown tie-dye.)

Yes you are wacky but you and and the merry men and women at Apple are marketing geniuses.

Just when I was trying to forget about you by watching “The Office” on network tv (I am so old school), you pop up in my consciousness by having your products placed predominately on “The Office.” 

I know all the stories of the Apple Public Relation gods who are masters at product placement.

Please I am tired of all that great marketing.  Please just leave my consciousness. .  I am tired of reading about you, hearing about you, talking about you, fighting over you. . 

When there were rumors whirling around the Internet that you were sick Apple stock went down precipitously.

I understand why.

Love Scott


Dear Apple lawyers I understand you take your job very seriously please understand that I mean this letter in only endearing terms this is in no way to be construed as slander just a bad case of hero worship.

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  1. Did you create one or can you make one available for download please? I’d like to know if any such a program exists before manually uploading all my files to Zenfolio the hard way.

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