1. Bob Garrett says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Scottie

    Give me some good news for a change

  2. Sorry Bob just my opinion.

    Thanks Scott

  3. myUsearch Hiring Student Video Bloggers:

    myUsearch is searching for high school and college students to explore the truth behind the college experience. Our video bloggers produce short videos to help new students choose, apply for and pay for college, and the best part is….. the position is paid.

    We are looking for students that can blog about their own experience and do investigative journalism to help other students make informed choices when choosing a college and degree program, paying for college and engaging in campus activities.

    Job Requirements:
    myUsearch is searching for college students or high school juniors or seniors that have already applied or been accepted to college. Students must have the following experience:

    The ability to produce and edit videos
    Access to video production and editing equipment
    The ability to provide a unique perspective on their experiences and create a series of newsworthy topics around them
    The ability to research news topics relevant to the college enrollment process and integrate this into the digital interpretation of their experience
    The following experience is preferred, but not required:

    Proficiency with WordPress or other blogging platforms
    Blogging experience
    Driving traffic through personal or professional social networking
    Personal or professional web, blog, or social networking site creation
    Application Procedure:
    To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to

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